Sierra's Letter to Barb about her New Life

Hi Barb its Sierra,

Its been about ten months since I came to my new forever home and boy haveI been busy. I had so many new things to learn and experience.  First there is my new Mom and Dad. I love them very much. At first, I was on what Dad called a short leash until I learned the rules and the layout of my new home.  I slept in my crate, went into my crate if Mom and Dad left and went outside on a leash. 

Now the crate is put away and I sleep on the sofa or my favorite pink chair and have the run of the house if they go out.  My new home doesn't have a fence so I had to learn about this thing called an invisible fence. But, until I learned about that I had learn to go to the potty while on a lead.  It was a snap because I got to go on a walk every time. Now my Dad and I go for a walk every day for about an hour.

Sometimes Mom goes along,but mostly  it's just dad and me.  I particularly like to go to the state park about three miles away.  It has miles of walking trails, horse trails, mountain bike trails and paved roads.  Most of the roads are not open to traffic.  We've been on almost everyone of them.  We see so many things birds, rabbits, squirrels, deer, other walkers some with dogs and we even saw a horse.  I wanted to go after the deer and horse, but Dad said no.  I don't pay to much attention to the rest anymore except when a squirrel gets to close or when I see dogs.  I am also not fond of cross country skiers, but that is new and I am working on that.  I've learned to heel very well, but mostly Dad lets me on a long line when we are in the park so I can wander a little to check things out.
Mom and Dad have seven grand kids ranging in age from 2 to 14 years old.  When everyone is here it can be bedlam.  I just join in or sometimes just lay down in the middle of it.  If it becomes too much I just move.  I particularly like 4 year old Ava.  She gets right down in my face, so I lick her on the nose.
I've attached some pictures so you can see how well I am doing.