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Age:4 years, 7 months


Weight:62 pounds


Contact:Paula Lackner, 715-584-5961

18 July 2014 Update

Do you know what happiness is to you?  I do believe Walter knows! He could be the star in a video for the song from Pharrel Williams, because he is happy.

Even though he has cerebellar hypoplasia it does not bring him down.  It is a genetic condition where the brain is not fully developed.  

Walter needs a family who will accept him for who he is.  He does ok on carpeted stairs and moves around with no issues.  He is happy about his meals and jumps with his front paws in excitement.  We have been working with him walking on a leash for short distances to the car and back to the house.  The last grooming session went a lot better than the first time so for him it is about comfort and trust.

He would need another dog companion to play with and be tolerant of his type of play.  He would be happy without any young children due to his jerking motions.  A fenced yard would be a must and make Walter happy.  

So if you want to clap along with Walter, he would love to hear from you because happiness is the truth for him

Please contact Paula Lackner, 715-584-5961