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Age:2 years, 7 months


Weight:66 pounds


Contact:Mary Huntsman 606-679-7351 or Priscilla Lundblad 303-910-1404,


Mr. Pete came into ATRA’s care from animal control in rural Appalachia. After his initial vet visit, it was determined he was heart worm positive and needed to start treatment immediately. He is done with his first round of treatment and the vet has cleared him to be neutered. Once that is done he needs to start his second phase of treatment. We would love for him to be in a foster home before he starts that treatment and that is where you come in.

Would you be willing to foster this boy? While he is undergoing his treatment he will need to be kept calm and in a crate until all the heart worms are killed. After that he will need someone to work with him on obedience training program for his counter surfing and not allowed to be in charge all the time. He is not too fond of other males and we are hopeful the neuter surgery will curb that.

A home where he can be the only dog for his treatment would be best.