Mary Wright and Bronson

Most people believe that all rescue dogs come with "baggage" and most have problems associated with that baggage.  Bronson is proof that is not true.  Last April Bronson came to ATRA after he was deemed not to be a good hunting dog.  He was a sweet dog and after a good grooming, a handsome dog too.  There was just something about him that connected with me.  Although I was just suppose to foster him, I couldn't give him up and I adopted him.  We started training and with the help of Jane Hufstader, he really bloomed.  I could tell though that he needed  more to make him happy and keep him out of trouble.  We started AKC rally classes in the fall and he blossomed.  We competed in our first shows April 12 and 13 and proceeded to take second and first place with scores of 97 and 98 out of 100.  Friends who watched him said he looked like he was having fun out there in the ring.  He needs a job to be happy and this has given it to him.  We eventually want to compete in agility like some of our other airedale friends.  People say terriers are hard to train.  We all know that is not true, it's just they might think they have a better way to do something and they are going to try it their way - at least at first. 

I encourage all our Airedale families to consider this event or at least some form of training to keep our dogs happy and healthy.  The AKC website has more information on this and other classes.

Mary Wright


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