Mackie Boy Kratchman 1993 - 2008

Not long ago there was a story in the ATRA newsletter about one Mackie Boy. It went a something like this.

Mackie came to me ten years ago very sick, knowing nothing. He was heart worm positive and had the worst case of kennel cough I've ever seen. The tips of his ears were missing, his entire body was scarred and he had permanent fly strike on his ears. He was aloof, didn't make eye contact as he had no reason to trust humans. Loud noises frightening and water was  he was terrified of water. He'd been abused and horribly neglected. Over the years he grew to trust those who loved him and sparingly gave tiny little kisses to a lucky few. Was he perfect? Well..... He didn't like young children, bossed many foster dogs around, hated going to the dog park, lived for food, felt insulted if another dog sniffed his tushy, saw no need to get a bath and hogged the bed at night. Was he perfect? To me, yes. As he grew older his eyes clouded over and he eventually became completely blind. He adjusted well as long as the furniture wasn't moved. If he bumped into his brother Dovah Doo or sister Sassy Lou he retaliated with a swift growl to let them know it was their fault. Mackie saw his daddy and Dovah Doo pass before him and went truckin on to meet a new brother, Mojo and sister, Smoochie. He was no more tolerant of them than anyone else but let them live in his home. Young punks weren't his idea of utopia in his golden years but he put them in their place and slept without interruption.

Mackie passed away recently at the age of fifteen years. The Mackster, The Old Poop, Mack Daddy, Mackadoo, Grumpa, Baby Boy. The KING! He's gone but sleeps no more. He made me smile and is here in my heart. Smile for him.

Terry Kratchman