Hannah Banana LeSage - 5/23/05 to 7/8/08

To my dear Family & Friends:

As you all know, I have now crossed over the rainbow bridge.  It is beautiful here.  I have so many friends here I can't count them all.  I was especially thrilled to see my Mom (Cleo) and my Dad (Bear) plus my baby brother Hercules.  And guess what, I can open my mouth now!  I am able to catch a ball with my teeth not my chin.  Of course, everyone here is jealous that I can catch a ball with my teeth AND my chin.  Pretty cool, huh. 

I want to let you all know that I am ok and am healthy again.  The cancer is gone, I have put some weight back on and of course can finally use my jaw like a normal dog.  Please be happy for me and not sad.  I know my life was short but I loved every day and lived every day like it was my last because of all of you. I send my slobbery kisses to everyone but especially to my parents, Sandi & Craig, for without your daily care of my mouth and my eating habits I would have never lived the three great years that I did. I do know everyone thought it was great that you never had to worry about me biting anyone because of my jaw. You just had to worry about me licking them to pieces. To my big brother Thumpa, I miss playing with you so much.  Remember how we would harrass the cats and how you let me get away with everything!

Well, my cousin Georgia is calling me to play.  She still thinks she is in charge, even here!  I will be here waiting for you but until that day, live everyday like it is your last.  Promise me you will celebrate my life, not morn my death.

Love you all,    Hanna Banana