Bridget Sherman, September 28, 2001 - July 13, 2008

Bridget came into my heart on March 11, 2006. She was a rescue from Ohio and was loved by her foster mom Carol Guthrie before she came to me.  From the moment I set eyes on Bridget, she had my heart.  Bridget was my 4th Airedale and my 2nd rescue. She came to live with me, my daughter, Tessa, and my other rescue Airedale, Bogie. Prior coming into our home, Bridget was treated for heartworm.

Where do I start to describe this sweet little girl? She was loving, patient, obedient, and cuddly. Of my 4 Airedales, I have to admit that Bridget was the best! Although I loved them all, there was just something special about her. We definitely had an emotional connection. Bridget developed megaesophagus. This means the esophagus is stretched out and food and water do not reach her stomach. She regurgitated for 9 months. She had reoccurring aspiration pneumonia, hypothyroidism and myasthenia gravis. I had to hand feed Bridget in a vertical position, making marble sized meatballs out of a special food for her. She also had to drink in that position. After she ate, she needed to stay in that position for at least half an hour. This went on 4 times a day. Bridget was even so patient about her new eating habits. I know she longed for her normal way to eat, as she watched Bogie continue to gobble his food down. But, that hour of feeding time, was special for us. We bonded even closer, as I talked to her continuously and she had my undivided attention. Unfortunately, this  way of feeding did not help Bridget. She constantly regurgitated and choked. She was losing weight rapidly. I always called her "Little Miss Wiggle Waggles" because she would run to the door when I came home and just wag her tail for the longest time. Well, Bridget stopped coming to greet me. She barely had any strength to meet me and wag that precious tail at me. She had no energy,,,,,,,,but she still had lots of love in her. I had to make the most agonizing decision of my life. I had to help Bridget be pain free and once again, have her do the wiggle waggles. It has now been 10 days since  Bridget has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. I don't think I will ever recover. My heart is broken into a million pieces and the hole in my heart is so deep. in peace, my sweet little girl. I will forever love you!!!
Shar Sherman