Daisy from Arkansas

A bullet wound through Daisy's upper back

Ticks covered Daisy's body

Happy Daisy in a safe & loving environment

Daisy is ready for adoption!

written by Chris Bettis, September 2008    

The story is a common one in rural areas - in any part of the country, trespassers will be shot.  Unfortunately, the trespasser this time was a starving Airedale The dog had been seen foraging and running for over a month, always running as people would run her off their property while she tried to find a meal in the trash or from the road kill. 
It was a normal morning as they were going about their day, and suddenly a man carrying a gun appeared in their yard.  They saw him out their front window and they hurried outside.  There they saw the small, skeletal fluffy brown and black dog, cowering in a huddle in their yard as the man approached the dog with gun drawn.  It was clear that he meant business as he pointed it at her, he meant to finish the job he started. 
Quickly the couple stepped in front of the dog and yelled at the man to stop and told him to leave their property.  Oh no, it would not be that easy as the man maneuvered to get to the dog.  He told them to step away as he repositioned the gun.  The couple then turned their backs to him and lifted the dog into their arms, taking her inside the house to save her. It would not be her day to die, no not today.
Inside they examined the dog, touching only skin and bones, her pads and feet chewed up and bloody, ticks covered her body, eyes infected and a bullet wound through the upper back. Her eyes filled with fear, her body rigid and tense. This dog needed help yet the couple had helped many, many dogs living out in the country and this one was one of the worse that they had seen- she was beyond their financial means to help.
They cleansed her wounds and cleaned her up a bit and gave her a hearty meal and water though she would not eat while they were around.  They
got online and looked for help for this little Airedale. They called ATRA and immediately they received confirmation that we would take her and make sure that all of her injuries would be cared for.  We made plans to meet them and receive this lucky little girl that we called, Daisy.
Daisy has a couple different meanings- Slang. someone or something of first-rate quality: That new car is a daisy   and push up daisies, Informal. to be dead and buried.  We say that this name has real meaning for this little Airedale.
Daisy was quickly taken to our favorite vet who has treated lots of rescued Airedales.  There she had x-rays to see if the bullet was still lodged in her back (it was not ), but what was found is that she had pneumonia in both lungs. Because she was covered in ticks, blood panels were taken and yes, she had Eurlichia. Since she ate mostly garbage and road kill during the hot days and nights of summer in Arkansas, she was full of intestinal worms and fleas had left their toll too which did not help her frail frame. Her feet/pads were cut and worn from the miles and miles of constant movement- running here and there, always watching for the angry people who would chase her away or worse, shoot at her.  Both her muzzle and one foot had embedded seeds that had made their way under the skin and both areas required her to undergo surgery to remove them and relieve the infection.  Could there be any more wrong with this little Airedale?  It took our vet over a month to care for her through surgery and medications and all the time Daisy watched with nervous eyes the gentle people who came and brought her food and toys and a special soft bed and lots of soft words and tender touches.  Soon Daisy thought that the people were nice and they would hear loud thumps on the floor or the walls of her kennel, as she awaited the opportunity to visit with the nice ladies out in the backyard. While she didn't know what to do with the toys, the humans were pretty happy and excited to throw them and then go retrieve them, themselves!!  Funny people.
One day while the sun was shining and Daisy and the humans were playing outside, Daisy ran to the toy, bringing it back to the human, prancing with feet high, eyes smiling and suddenly a very loud noise rang out, a metal sound like a gunshot, and Daisy suddenly fell to the ground, shaking violently. The human heard the noise too but she didn't hear a gunshot, she heard the sound of a heavy trash bin lid falling to close. It didn't matter, Daisy didn't want to play anymore and could not be consoled outside, she wanted to go inside, to her kennel-- to safety.
Since this time, Daisy would be given a clean bill of health and she transitioned to her own foster home with Sandy and Jack and their two Airedales Tucker and Fig.  She has her own crate, which she loves to lounge in even with the door open, she found the Sunday paper to be a source of entertainment as she read and shredded it until there was no news in that paper, she has gained weight and LOVES to play like an Airedale with Tucker and Fig.  She now will jump into and out of a car and walks nicely on a lead for her daily walks.  She still carries "luggage" with her that we hope that she will get over, loud sounds like the rattling of metal pots and pans will make her scurry and she still won't eat if someone is walking or moving around her. We know that she has found love in the many people that she meets and greets as she is very sweet and gentle.

Miss Daisy will be the best Airedale anyone has rescued.  She is just precious.  She really is joy to our home.  My Tucker and Figgy love to play with her. She has started to trust us somewhat after 2 weeks of fostering.
*Daisy has a wonderful personality.  She has learned how to play with her toys and will fetch the ball as of this week.  She really enjoys her chew bones.
*Daisy is beautiful...her ears are the perfect 'dale ears and she has big black eyes, long legs and runs like a greyhound.
*She has only barked about 4 times since she's been at our home.  Our Fig barks at everything so we notice how Daisy doesn't bark.  She only barks when she thinks it's important
*She has gained 1lb 4oz and is developing some muscle.
*Daisy loves to play with other dogs and she just loves the outside.
*Daisy will need at least a 6ft fence at her forever home.  She can fully extend to the top of our privacy fence.
*She's still a puppy and sometimes like to chew on rubber things and paper.  These two things are very tempting when left in her reach.
*She does not counter surf but put her nose in the air and sniffs towards the counter.
*She doesn't snatch food from you but she will gently take what you give her from your hand.
*If one bends over and she sees a butt she will playfully bite it! She is big into BIGNOSEPOKES!  Watch Out!
*Daisy is a soft correction...one just has to say in a low voice, "No Daisy" and she will obey.

*Daisy has to have the perfect home as she deserves nothing less.

We think that Daisy is around 1 yr old, as she still prances when she walks.  She likes little dogs and big dogs, was gentle meeting the veterinary cat, and loves all the humans that she meets. 

Daisy is now ready for adoption. If you are the PERFECT home for this sweet girl, please contact Chris Bettis at ckbettis56@sbcglobal.net or 501-868-8394


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