Stella Noyes

Tiny Stella

Being a puppy is exhausting!

Gussie & Stella - part of the family

Fiona & Eleanor watch Stella & Gussie

Stella - growing up fast!

written by Stella's Forever Family
 - George, Colleen, Fiona, Eleanor and Gussie Noyes

Update #1 - May 2008

Happy Memorial Day Weekend.  I wanted to let you all
know how little Stella is doing in her new home.  I
can't believe that 7 weeks have already gone by since
her transport!  She is 16 weeks old today and will
turn the official 4 months old on June 2nd.

Stella is just wonderful!!!  She is a roly poly bundle
of fun and energy.  She is smart and loving.  Stella
(as Beth Hauck will attest) is the Queen of the belly
rub.  You can't walk past her and not have her roll
over on her back with that rub my belly look in her

Stella is best friends with her 2 year old Airedale
sister Gussie.  Gussie was a bit confused the first
few days after Stella arrived but it didn't take long
for the two of them to be pals and partners in crime.
Gussie is also a rescue from ATRA.  It is a joy to
watch the two of them race around the yard, stealing
toys from each other and digging lots and lots of
holes.  Stella has a wonderful habit of walking right
underneath Gussie whenever they are standing together.
 I don't think it is going to last too long because
Stella is pretty much eating us out of house and home.
 As you probably all remember, Stella was just 13+
pounds during the transport.  Now she is around 30
pounds!!!  She has super long legs and would do well
as a runway model!! 

Stella has graduated to sleeping upstairs next to our
bed and thankfully is sleeping through the night!!
Woo hoo, no more 2,3,4am trips outside to go to the
bathroom.    She has an "accident" every so often, but
is really coming along nicely in that department. 

Stella loves praise and she especially loves our two
daughters, Fiona and Eleanor, who of course fell in
love with her at first sight.  She is scheduled to be
spayed on June 24th and I am just wondering how am I
going to keep her quiet afterwards to let the stiches
heal!!  With two playful pals, I'll have my work cut
out for me. 

Our family is very grateful to all of you for
volunteering your precious time to get this little pal
to us.  Thank you all so much.  ATRA is a tremendous
organization.  Take care everyone!!

PS   Stella snorts like a pig!!


Update #2 - November 2008

Ode to Stella (and Gussie)

She steals our shoes
She eats the towels
She barks at squirrels
She rarely growls

She jumps on all
She knocks them down
Oh exhuberant puppy
A mischievous clown

She runs and plays
Best friend Gussie
Hates the comb
Likes to stay mussy

Tall and shaggy
jumps on the beds
licks and slobbers
her "peoples" heads

She runs to the door
shakes like jelly
rolls right over
"rub my belly!"

Big white teeth
Wet black nose
sloppy sit
our love grows

Big paws and drool
yard full of holes
couldn't live without
their precious souls

Grateful to have them
too short their years
the laughter and joy
will be with us for years

Illinois to Connecticut
you took the long ride
We sure do love Stella
that can't be denied



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