Barney Farr, April 8, 2002 - October 29, 2008

Barney came into our family through ATRA in December 2002  at 8 months of
age, thanks to the help of Lana MacInnes. When we picked up Barney in
London, Ontario our first impression was that he was a little wild. He had
not been socialized;  he didn't know how to walk on a leash and was a
dedicated counter surfer. We never broke the counter surfing habit, but
within a few weeks, with patience and training, Barney turned out to be a
great dog.  Barney loved to go on his daily walks, chase squirrels and go
camping. He was a very active dog, and in September 2004 we adopted Lily our
second ATRA rescue.  She helped keep him company and burn off some of his

Everyone who met Barney took an instant liking to him. He always seemed to
have a smile on his face.  He had a wonderful disposition and a sense of
humor. He seemed to enjoy making people laugh. Dr. Lana Conway, our vet,
always referred to him as a 'big goof'.

In July of this year Barney was diagnosed with lymphoma. We were able to
start chemotherapy immediately and initially the prognosis was hopeful. As
it turned out the cancer was very aggressive. After several advances and
setbacks involving different treatments we had no choice but to put Barney
down on October 29. Throughout the treatment Barney received first rate care
from the staff at the VEC in Toronto, particularly Dr. Kevin Finora and his
technician Laura.

Barney was an integral part of our family for almost six years. We will miss
him greatly.

Peter,Anna,Sean and Stephen Farr and Lily