The Wait

Once your puppy/dog is happily coming to you each time, it’s
time to introduce the wait.
Wait = Wait until I call you to come
Stay = Stick to the spot until I return to you
With your puppy/dog on leash and sitting in heel position, give
the command “Wait” (left hand in front of the nose, palm towards
the dog and fingers pointed towards the ground). Do not use dog’s
name before this command. Step out and stride two or three steps
confidently away from your dog. When you have reached the desired
distance away from your dog then turn and face your dog. Do
not call the dog immediately upon turning to face it otherwise your
dog will start to anticipate and break too early. Once you are certain
your dog will not anticipate breaking then call your dog
“Fido! Come!”. As soon as your dog starts to move towards you,
praise praise praise!
Use the wait command when going through a doorway. With
puppy on leash, give command “wait”. You step through the door
way and when the puppy has demonstrated they are waiting to be
called, you can then give the command “Fido! Come!” or use release
word: “OK!”. Then praise!
Excellent command to use when unloading your dog from a
vehicle! Dog will learn not to jump out of vehicle without you
giving the command.
When to use the dog’s name before commands and when not to:
Dog’s name is always used with action commands (these are
commands where you want the dog to move out and cover
ground): i.e. “Fido! Come!”, “Fido Heel!”
Dog’s name is never used with non-action commands (these
are commands where you want the dog to remain stationary):
i.e. Down, Stay, Sit, Wait, Stand
Remember - There is no short cut for patient dog training.