Abby Stull

Here’s a little update on our wonderful Abby.
Abby is coming along really well.  Her panting has stopped, she has put on about 10 pounds, and she looks great – especially after we took her to Krista’s great groomer.
We went to North Carolina where we rent a beach house on the outer banks.  Abby came with us and she traveled like a pro.  We stayed at a pet friendly motel on the way down and she was perfect.  All the original problems she had are pretty well gone.  She still licks her front paws, but not as much.  She and the cat are still not talking.
Abby is still aggressive with other dogs and barks and strains at the leash – and a 65 pound Airedale is a powerful pull.  We’ll be taking her to the vets for a check up.  Her medicine for her arthritis is just about gone and we’d like to get an opinion on how she’s doing.
All in all, our life has been completely changed.  Abby has become an active member of our family and loved very much.
I had a day off so I took her to the park for a run off the leash.  You’ll be happy to know she makes the park her own kingdom and struts around with her ears cocked and her tail straight up.
We truly love her and thank you all for everything you have done for us and Abby.