Sweet Autumn

In immediate need of medical attention

Severe mange around Autumn's eyes

Still so full of love

Two weeks after rescue

Three weeks after rescue

December: Autumn is beautiful for the holidays

Prepare yourself to read a story about an incredible Airedale named Autumn.  Autumn is like so many of the Airedales featured in this section with an indefatigable spirit.

Sweet Autumn was surrendered by a lady whose circumstances led her to realize she could no longer care for Autumn.  Although the situation was extremely difficult in Autumn’s home, Autumn was certainly loved. 

When Autumn was surrendered to ATRA and quickly taken to the vet by an ATRA volunteer, she was immediately diagnosed with whipworm, hookworm, roundworm, severe sarcoptic mange, malnourishment, and heartworm.  The previous list of her ailments is not a mistake, poor Autumn was looking death in the face.  She was so painfully thin you could easily count her ribs and vertebrae, including the vertebrae all the way to the tip of her tail.  Despite her dire condition Autumn wanted to give everybody kisses and that crazy tail never stopped wagging.

Sacrcoptic mange is a nearly unbearable condition.  The itching is intense and non-stop and can cause the skin to literally be hot to the touch. Poor Autumn had a full-body skin infection from the mange which elevated her white blood count and suppressed her immune system.  Normally sarcoptic mange is easily treatable with Revolution or Ivermectin, however, Autumn could not be treated with these products because it would cause the heartworms to die and would kill her.  An alternative dip treatment was prescribed and is working for Autumn.  Her skin is no longer so itchy nor hot to the touch. 

After three weeks Autumn was still a little piebald but her skin was dramatically improved and her hair was coming back.  The area around her eyes started healing so she had less and less of the “Lone Ranger mask” every day.  During this time her eyes were the last area to receive treatment so she was on an antibiotic ointment to clear up the eye discharge.  The discharge was due, in part, to Autumn’s lack of eyelashes which normally protect the eyes from dirt.  As the mange has subsided, her eyelashes have started to grow back.  At this point, Autumn had safely gained 10 pounds.

As of the beginning of December Autumn received her final heartworm treatment and is doing extremely well.  She still needs to remain calm until she’s given the green light to act like a normal Airedale.  She’ll need to be re-tested to make sure all her heartworms are indeed gone and if they are, she’ll be started on preventative.

Autumn’s foster mom said it’s a little difficult to take her pictures because Autumn has a hard time sitting still.  Her foster mom says she’s so joyful and she simply loves life.  Autumn’s tail just can’t stop wagging and letting everyone know how happy and thankful she is.

Her foster mom has also found out Autumn is a terrifically gifted counter surfer who managed to stretch to the back of the stove and consume some goodies that were placed there specifically to be out of her reach.  While her foster mom is quilting Autumn likes to sit peacefully with her head in her mom’s lap.

Many people have been touched by this special girl who was ready to drop dead from starvation.  She was knocking on death’s door, yet her heart was still full of love.

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