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Age:8 years, 10 months


Weight:78 pounds


Contact:Paula Lackner 715-584-5961


During the past year, Willow has had many changes in her life. In January of 2013, she had knee surgery. Her Mom was diagnosed with cancer and lost that battle in September.

Her Dad moved to Colorado and could not take her with him so she came back into ATRA's care.  One would never guess her age as she is energetic despite the severe arthritis in the knee which had surgery. When the surgery is done there is a lot of time involved in rehab so the knee remains fluid and not become arthritic. When the exercises are not done, arthritis takes over in the knee. She is now on anti-inflammatory drugs and that has made a world of difference. She will have to stay on that for the rest of her life. Despite the pain she has had, she is a happy girl who loves her toys and adult people. She is not comfortable around children.   She does OK meeting dogs her size or larger but does not like dogs smaller than her. She would prefer to be the only dog in the home. 

Since being in a foster home, she has now lost ten pounds which was needed to help her stay healthy. She loves her walks with her foster Mom which has helped with her weight loss.  


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