Doc Holiday

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Doc Holiday

Doc Holiday

Name:Doc Holiday


Age:3 years, 9 months


Weight:68 pounds


Contact:Gabrielle Fowler 847-858-9379

Hi! My name is Doc and I am looking for a special new family. I am a combination of Airedale and Wolfhound. They tell me I am part Lab as well but I’m not seeing it.

I am an intelligent, active and loyal dog, who would love to show off my agility skills and games if you take me to classes or programs.  I used to participate in agility classes with my dad and have mastered the tunnel, chute, A-Frame (Climb, Slow and Touch Commands), Jumps (Jump, Big Jump, Hoop), Raised Dog Walk (Walk It) and Table. My favorites by far are the jumps! I am a registered Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy dog and help children learn dog safety, cleaning up toys, colors and counting! During the program, I help clean up toys by picking them up and putting them in a basket.  I knock over bowling pins so the kids can count them and I touch colored cups to help the children learn colors.  I am of course housebroken; love running with my current mom on a leash looped to her waist, long walks and learning new skills.  My mom and dad think I would be a great service dog with some additional training, they taught me to open doors and retrieve certain items by name, including bowl, Kong, rope, and blanket.  When I was 8 weeks old, my current mom and dad adopted me, as well as my biological brother Wyatt.  We had a great life, going to the dog park 3-4 times a week, lots of play time, runs and walks, and agility classes.  

About a year ago my current family had a baby girl.  I liked her until she started walking.  I growl at her when she approaches me so my mom has to keep us separated.  Sometimes I growl when my front feet are touched or if I am resting on my mat and someone touches me on my mat. If you call me off my mat, I will come for pets and hugs and will not growl.  My trainer and my mom and dad believe I have some anxiety and need more physical and mental stimulation than I am currently receiving.  Although I enjoy working with children during the Rainbow Therapy programs, this is a controlled environment where I have specific jobs and am rewarded for these jobs with praise and pets.  My new home should not have any small children or cats.  I love other dogs if they are balanced.  I respond very well to calm, confident people who use positive reinforcement. Please do not adopt me if you use harsh training methods or do not have the time to play and work with me.  

My current mom and dad love me very much.  They wish they could keep me, but want to have more children so believe it would be better for me to have a new home. They would really like to receive pictures and emails or letters about how I am doing.  I am a very special dog looking for a new special family. Please think about if I am the dog for you!

Posted 2 Mar 2014