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Age:4 years, 5 months


Weight:55 pounds


Contact:Fran Ender, 519-641-3434

Ernie is a sweet boy. He was found wandering and was picked up and taken to a shelter. He was quite a mess and skinny but under all that hair we found a very handsome boy! He is a cuddler and likes to be near his people. He doesn’t like it when his foster mom & dad leave the house and he will bark for a while but he is a good boy while they are gone. He has been crate trained in the past and likes to sleep in it with the door open. He gets along well with his Aire-brother. He will chase cats, birds, squirrels and any other unsuspecting critter so he should probably have a home with no cats. He likes to get on the furniture which is OK at his foster house except the couch in the living room and he respects that and stays off. His favourite spot is in the middle of the bed! He’s been a house pet in the past and has pretty good manners but will come, sit and stay if it suits him at the time. Yep, a typical Airedale! One reason Ernie was a stray might be that he is an escape artist. He is always at the door before you and will run if he gets the chance. He likes the car and walks well if not given too much leash. He’s smart and easy to train.Ernie has a facial deformity that affects his tongue the most. He looks quite normal but his lower jaw is very narrow. His tongue is short and comes to a point. As a result he has some challenges eating and drinking. A raised bowl is helpful and a big pail of water works the best for drinking (might want a mop close by). He is learning that getting his face toweled is not a big deal. He seems to like men best but he’ll cuddle with anyone. His foster family has not had him around small children but they feel he would be fine. He is not a chewer or a digger and likes to be outside when the weather is nice.

Ernie is being neutered April 22nd and having a few teeth on his lower jaw removed so he should be ready for his forever home by May 1st. Ernie is a good boy and will make some family very happy….could that be your family?