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Age:3 years, 3 months


Weight:100 pounds


Contact:Second Chance Animal Rescue, 651 771 5662

Beckett is a Airedale-Newfie mix who was originally surrendered due to her person's health issues. Sweet and affectionate, she puts her head in your lap and nudges your arm for attention but, isn’t overly demanding. She makes good eye contact, is eager to please, and just melts when you tell her she is a good girl or pet her head. She can be extremely rambunctious when she's excited, but also calms down quickly. She loves rolling in the grass, chasing tennis balls, chewing on toys, and lounging around with her favorite people. 

Although Beckett jumps up jubilantly when meeting people, a trainer is currently working with her to teach her more appropriate greetings; she is improving quickly. She may bark when someone knocks at the door, but is friendly and runs over to meet them. Twice, she put her mouth over the doorknob and managed to open a door so she could join a carpenter she didn’t know who was working in the garage! She loves people.

Beckett is motivated to learn and is bright. She knows sit, down, shake, touch, and generally comes when called. She takes treats fairly well, but sometimes pulls on a leash, and would benefit from classes. She should be a quick study. She rides nicely in the car and is well behaved in the house--no counter surfing, does not get into trash, no inappropriate chewing, and is perfectly housebroken. Her previous foster took her to a cabin where she absolutely loved swimming and playing in the water. 

Beckett can be a bit bossy with dogs--placing her head over their backs, for example; she has been good with the resident dogs in two different foster homes, but also had three altercations with dogs she did not know. She had been raised as an only dog and would be best as an only dog unless she was introduced gradually to well-socialized canine buddies. Beckett is OK with cats but will chase them if they run, so we recommend a home without cats. 

Although she is good with children, because of her size, she once accidentally knocked a toddler over just by bumping into her. She may grab at your hand if it is holding something she wants--like a tennis ball; kids should be mature enough not to tease her. We recommend children in her adoptive home be at least 12 years old. 

Beckett has been spayed, is current on rabies and distemper vaccinations, and is heartworm negative. 

Beckett is waiting patiently in a boarding facility for a foster or permanent family. She has a rescue, but needs someone to give her a place to rest her gentle head. If you can open up your home and your heart to sweet Beckett, please call Second Chance at 651 771 5662 for information.

Posted 27 June 2014