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Age:7 years, 6 months


Weight:60 pounds


Contact:Priscilla 303-910-1403


Zoie is sometimes shy but always sweet. She has made a lot of progress in her foster home and is more out-going now and the 'apple of her foster mom's eye'.  She is good with other dogs and likes to go for walks. She is a loving and caring Airedale. She is 7 years young with a lot of energy. Once she bonds with her people she is more secure and feels safe. However, she would not do well in a home where there is lots of noise and things going on all the time. She prefers to be where it is more quiet. She would also like a fenced yard. If you have a more laid back type home in a quiet neighborhood and are interested in Zoie, who is such a special dog; please contact me.