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Age:10 years, 3 months


Weight:73 pounds


Contact:Barb Oimas 989 837-5855


Meet Bear! Bear was with his family since he was a puppy. He is a very good boy. Bear was a Therapy Dog and got his K-9 Good Citizenship.

Bear somehow tore his right cruciate ligament about a year and a half ago and nothing was done about it, the family did not know what had happened. He would just limp now and then and because of this he finally tore out the left knee and would not put any weight on it.

He was surrendered to Rescue because the family could not afford to pay for the surgery. ATRA has had both of his ACL repaired and both meniscus tears too. He is getting around well but is not ready for a lot of steps. So he needs a home with everything on one level.

Bear would be a great companion, he loves people, but since his surgery his foster mom has noticed he will guard his food around the other dogs. So it might be best to just let him be the only one and get all the love and attention he deserves in his golden years. Please call Barb if you feel that this boy is for you.

12 December 2014 UPDATE

Bear's first surgeries did not produce the results we were hoping for... so he is in need of having more surgeries on his knees.  He soon will be going through these surgeries and rehab for both knees.  Please call Barb if you feel you might be able to help in anyway.