written by Connie Versagi

If you are a regular to Spotlight on Rescue you will perhaps remember Montana and Teagan, the two litter mates who both needed hip surgery.  Annie is also a litter mate of theirs, and sadly she too needs both hips operated on.

Annie lives with her brother, Josh, who is doing just fine, but lately Annie’s parents noticed her usual Cha-Cha-Cha dance she does as a greeting has not been so perky.  Running and jousting with Josh has slowed way down.  Just not acting like a typical Airedale about to turn one year old.

A trip to the vet confirmed the worst, both of her hips need surgery.  The first surgery will be done in May, and the second is planned for August.  This will mean a summer spent staying quiet and healing.  We are optimistic that she will come through this with flying colors, as did Montana and Teagan.  Maybe some day the girls can all get together and swap surgery stories!  Nah, being Airedales, they will prefer to pretend any down time never even happened.

This entire litter, Annie included, was whelped, fostered and adopted through ATRA.  ATRA is helping with the expenses for these surgeries, so that a wonderful dog like Annie can have a full life, enjoying the great home she was adopted into.  We can’t wait to get a report by Christmas this year that Annie is back playing with her brother, Josh. 

ATRA thanks all who donate, as the expenses for these type of surgeries, even with wonderful vets providing us with courtesy discounts, are considerable.  How could you possibly deny a pain free life to a face as wonderful as Annie?  Not a chance. 


It has been a long road for Annie, but she has had both of her surgeries and is finally on the road to being albe to run like a normal young Airedale without pain. 

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