written by Connie Versagi

There is an amazing Airedale in Rescue now who personifies the saying you can’t keep a good man down.  This good man’s name is Charlie.

Charlie is just a baby still, only about a year-and-a-half old.  So much to learn, so much to do, and he is bent on doing and seeing all things interesting to an Airedale.  He came into Rescue a few months ago, abandoned at a vet.  He was young and underweight, but very exuberant.  The only thing physically that appeared wrong with Charlie was an infected canine tooth that had to be pulled.

Since Charlie was such a bundle of energy, who definitely needed to learn some manners, it was thought that the prison program would be a good starting point, before sending him to a foster home.  So, off he went to “doggy boot camp” to learn a thing or two. 

His tooth extraction never correctly healed.  It was definitely still a source of trouble for him.  It was hard to concentrate on his lessons with the site bleeding and painful.  He was referred to a canine dentist, who diagnosed Charlie with papillary squamous cell carcinoma.  This is a rare type of cancer that affects primarily young male dogs.  Charlie had to have most of his upper left jaw removed back in December.  Then it was off to a kennel for some R&R to heal. 

You would think that such a major surgery would have toned down some of that devilish Airedale spirit.  You’d be wrong.  The vet believes he got all the tumor and Charlie’s prognosis looks good, and Charlie agrees.  He has Airedalian things to attend to, so step aside.  Everyone has been amazed at his ability to bounce back from such an extensive surgery.   The vet said he had sedated Charlie, “to bring him down to the energy level of a normal dog” to heal.

Once his hair grows back, the only telltale sign may be a slight sunken appearance on one side, as if he had forgotten to put his dentures in!  He can eat and drink just fine, which is a good thing with all the calories this boy burns.  Currently Charlie is back in the prison training program.  He is looking for an energetic new owner.  He would make a great running partner for someone training for a marathon!

This is definitely a wonderful save made possible by the people who make donations.  Your donations do make a difference.


Charlie found a great home  with someone who thinks he is just wonderful.

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