written by Connie Versagi

Once upon a time an ATRA fairy godmother found a beautiful girl and just knew she fit her name, she was a Princess.

At first it was hard to tell that there was a princess underneath the matted hair that hid her eyes, the hobbled front leg, the terrible limp.  You see, Princess’ owner had passed away.  On top of being lonely and confused without her master, she was taken in by a relative who didn’t take care of her.  Princess was just existing.

When the ATRA fairy godmother arrived on the scene, she found out that Princess had been hit by a car and had received no medical attention.  Her hip had healed incorrectly without treatment, and her front leg was so painful she had stopped using it altogether.  She was in a great deal of pain.  Her front leg had atrophied to the point she walked on her elbow.  The first vet she was taken to said it was possible the leg needed to be amputated.

A temporary foster home situation was found for Princess though, and things began to change.  A wonderful man with the time and patience and gentle voice to spend time and give encouragement gave Princess hope.  She could tell that someone really cared about her and wanted her to get well.  A second vet opinion came back that the front leg could be spared if Princess received lots of therapy.  It was certainly worth a shot. 

Then began several trips a week to therapy.  An underwater treadmill was used with great success.  Also a big blue exercise ball to build up muscle and coordination was  part of her regimen. 

Princess has been making great strides toward being a strong healthy girl again.  However, she still needs surgery yet on her front leg.  Her therapy has been not only time consuming but costly.  ATRA needs your donations to continue wonderful work like this, to continue making a difference, one dog at a time.


Princess has found true love with her new family.  She has also improved tremendously with her therapy and accupuncture and has not needed surgery.

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