written by Connie Versagi

When you are a kid, the dark can be a very scary place.  You are sure when the lights go off there are monsters under your bed.  The morning comes, and things don’t look the same at all.  Nothing looks scary anymore.  But what if it still did? 

What if at night everything is that complete black that lets in no light.  Then in the morning, things only became marginally better.  Fuzzy shapes.  Every day was slowly bringing you closer to a time when no light would come in at all.  The fuzzy shapes would drift farther and farther from your brain, until one day there was just the dark?

Now, facing the oncoming darkness, you have no home.  You must go somewhere new, learn their house, their rules.  Can you find where your dinner has been left for you?    Maybe not know there are steps and fall? 

That is Odie’s world.  This gorgeous young pup has a genetic disorder called progressive retinal atrophy.  At one-and-a-half he is going blind.  His night vision has already been affected, and the prognosis is that over the next year he will lose all sight.

This is the toughest kind of rescue for ATRA.  There is not one darn thing we can do to stop this. There is no treatment.  This rescue is going to depend solely on one amazing home, one person with the heart, the determination, and patience to make a difference for Odie.

 Odie can live a happy and full life. He’s young and otherwise healthy.  He’s smart and affectionate and playful.  He is a great boy.

Here’s the thing.  What we need is to get Odie in a forever home just as soon as possible.  He needs as much time as we can give him to learn his surroundings while he can still see them.  He needs to bond to an owner that will become his entire world.  The person who will provide him with the love and continuity in his daily life that will make the darkness, when it is total, not such a scary place.  The voice, the scent that he will recognize as his family. 

We have no time to waste. I am calling for your help.  If you could be this wonderful boy’s forever home, he needs you right away.  I need to find the person out there who can lead Odie through his coming changes.  Someone who has a heart big enough to show Odie that there will be no monsters under the bed in the dark.  Don’t be silly.  It’s just a pair of old slippers that belong to his hero.  His forever companion. 

If you think you could be Odie’s AireAngel, please contact Barb Oimas at Atradales@yahoo.com or 989-837-5855

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