The Viking Kids



Scott Embury passed away last month.  He was a great PR volunteer for ATRA in Indiana.  Before he did, he gave his beloved Airedales to ATRA with the hopes that we could find them a home where they could stay together.  Scott is smiling somewhere today...

Written by Lori and Kevin Bjork

They were passed off to us around 4:15 pm and they were so happy.  Jay said they were so good in the car and good dogs.   They are so loving, affectionate, and beautiful.  They are full of play and fun.  Trixie is establishing herself as the alpha dog and things are going well.  Last night they played downstairs and Trouser was on Kevin's lap and hugged and kissed him for about 15 minutes.  Their feet get cold really quickly outside but they really are interested in that big back yard for them to explore. 

They were exhausted (I think from all they have been through) and yesterday must have been so tiring for them.  Trixie got on our bed first last night and I had two beds for them on the floor.  First Trouser got on our bed and then Izzie (the new dog beds were not even a consideration).  We were all snuggled up together all night until 4 am, and then the dogs wanted to go potty.  They were all glad to get back in bed and get warm and slept until 7 am. 

They really liked breakfast and were so good with each other and around us.  They are so nosy and look at everything and smile all the time.  Kevin keeps telling them everything is ok and they are "home" now and that Scott is happy for them.  Trouser is like glue to Kevin, he has really bonded with him.  Izzy kissed Trixie this morning and then the two of them circled each other around the dining room table and then came to us to "tell us about it".  We will give Trixie more attention so she feels secure. 

We decided to not go to church today so we could be with them.  I think Trixie is very happy to have playmates.  She relied on Tucker so much so I think she will feel secure again soon. We called Steph last night to give her a report and she said it was "huge" that things were going so well.  So that is our "Airedale/Poodle report".  We are thrilled to have them and love them so much already.
Lori, Kevin, Trixie, Izzy, and Trouser


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