For the Love of a Senior

by Susan Fox

I cannot tell you how shocked we are with Sophie! She may have the papers to prove she is 11.5 years old but her heart doesn't know! She is the sweetest, most well-behaved dog anyone could possibly hope for. We are getting her medical issues dealt with and yesterday she was growling and playing with Piper. Both girls are very vocal so it sounds like a major event is about to erupt, then they tire and flop down in front of the fire. All the fosters we have had have been in the two-year old range. We hardly expected Sophie to play like a two-year old but she seems to be very happy and playful. At first we were afraid Piper would be too energetic for her, but yesterday Sophie gave it right back and Piper absolutely loved it! She ran in circles all around Sophie finally wearing herself out (which takes some doing) and it sure made me feel good to see Sophie having some fun. She has touched our hearts in ways we never imagined. How anyone could walk out on a dog at this time in her life is beyond my comprehension. She is truly a joy.

Yesterday while I was upstairs making the bed I heard footsteps on the stairs. I figured since I had the sheets off the bed it was probably Piper coming up to halt my progress as she so often does. When I went to the top of the stairs there was Sophie stretched out on one of the stairs about halfway up! It was a sight to see believe me. How she got herself positioned on the step well enough to fall asleep was pretty incredible. As I write this she is lying on the dog bed snoring, so life for Sophie is good. We sure love her.

Sophie a month later

Sophie's been a little under the weather so she missed out on the picture taking session. She's feeling better now, but yesterday I did a lot of floor cleaning and last night we made several trips outside throughout the night. She seems much better today. What may seem a chore to some, has been just the opposite for me. She has given me a renewed outlook on life as she has such spirit and strength. At 4AM we were standing in the woods with the snow dusting our shoulders. She had her nose buried in the fresh tracks of the deer who had recently passed through, I just followed along enjoying the solitude and knowing she was so engrossed with the tracking of the deer that she forgot all about her diarrhea and tummy troubles. At that very moment, nothing mattered but the tracking task at hand. It made me feel so happy to see her enjoying life in that special moment. If only we humans had the ability to do a couple tuckbuttruns, I surely would have!!


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