We're Getting Old Together: Ernie and Sandi Sprankle

written by Sandi Sprankle, June 2008

Ernie is going to be thirteen years in March 2009...
I haven't seen thirteen years in many decades, then when I did, I couldn't wait to be thirteen and one half!

Ernie came into ATRA not just once but twice.  His first time he was found as a stray in southern United States and was adopted to a new family.  Then as circumstances changed six years later in that household, Ernie found he needed another family for his golden-gray tan and brown years.  Due entirely on neglect, Ernie has calcified ear drums hindering him totally deaf now...NOT just the selective hearing loss most Airedales have all their lives!

We really don't mind getting old together.  Ernie was always too fast for me and now he's getting slower too.  He used to give me that 'look' where he had to wait for me.  Now we both need to rest.  Our strides have become shorter and I know my knees hurt more.  The naps we take together are longer but our days are no less bright!

I know Ernie can see me with his eyes, smell me with his nose but hears me only with his heart now.  We didn't live together in our young years but will surely slow our steps and change the pace to stay together..forever.

'Sandi & Ernie Sprankle
 forever young~


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