Zeus Hartmann

written by Joe & Carol Hartmann 

Well it has been not quite four months since Zeus arrived at his forever home.  He traveled from St. Louis to Chicago to Detroit by the volunteer “bucket brigade” (thanks to all who served).  His arrival was a bit more auspicious than would have otherwise been.  Arriving to new parents, new home, and new “sister”, Abby (Abigail), would have been enough “new” for his first day but there was to be more, a lot more.  Quite by happenstance Zeus’ arrival coincided with another auspicious arrival – that of our youngest son’s arrival home from a fifteen month tour in Iraq.  Zeus had but a few hours to settle in before additional family members began arriving unannounced to welcome Matt home.  The doorbell kept ringing and Zeus kept greeting member after member large and small.  A total of some thirty relatives filled our home awaiting Matt’s arrival from the airport.  Zeus, of course, assumed the Welcome Wagon was in his honor and made sure that everyone present had ample opportunity to make his acquaintance.  So the celebration morphed a bit to welcome two instead of one – I don’t think either felt cheated.

Zeus’ nearly year older Airedale sister, Abby, reminds him every day that he is her playmate and the appearance of our backyard bears witness.  He is a very good boy though a bit of a mama’s boy.  He follows Carol settling wherever she settles throughout the quad-level and if she so much as sneezes hurries to see if she is all right.  He has a funny habit of sighing loudly in his sleep and we can only hope that they represent sighs of relief and satisfaction with his new home.  Carol and I have caught ourselves sighing a few times as well.


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