Gigi Wares

Gigi with big sister, Sandy

This is Gigi.  I'm the little one here and this is my step-sister, Sandy.  She is four years old and shows me around.  I'm getting  settled with my new family in Traverse City, Michigan.  The humans give me a  lot of attention and scratch my back in the sweet spot.
I am four months old and weigh 23 pounds. I spend my days playing and napping, mostly. I am growing, chewing on my toys, and potty training. I have been swimming a few times in Lake Michigan and went on my first camping trip already.
I have a biological sister who lives in Traverse City also.  We are going to have a play date soon.  We have already met some other great Airedale families in the area!
Thanks, ATRA, for finding me such a good home.
Gigi Wares



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