Dixie Ray-Henry
November 26, 1997 to April 14, 2009

How do I describe Dixie? I guess a girl who is wonderful, sweet, loving, timid, shy, giving, and always hungry would be a good beginning, but only a beginning. Dixie came into our lives on September 18, 2006. We had lost Stella, our first Airedale, August 8, 2006. After weeks of grieving and not finding any relief from our loss, we decided to adopt. We first saw Dixie on the ATRA website and from her story we immediately knew she was the girl we were looking for. Lisa Simon helped us immensely with information about Dixie and we decided to drive to Goodland, Kansas from Cincinnati to meet Lisa and pick up Dixie. What a wonderful surprise to find such a terrific companion. Dixie loved to ride and was no trouble on the two day trip home. Another surprise was Dixie was from the same kennel in Arkansas as Stella. Not only the same kennel as it turns out, but related to Stella through three grandparents. So we knew Dixie was destined to share our lives.
At first Dixie was very shy. She would tolerate us loving on her but only for a short period of time then she would move, as if to say let’s take this slow. Over a few months and an obedience class we bonded like glue. Also, she graduated top of her class. The shyness slowly left and Dixie was so comfortable with us. She brought us great joy. One of her favorite past times was to sleep in the back seat of the car. It did not matter that the car was parked in the garage. She would go to the door and stare for us to let her out in the garage and she would stay for hours. Another of her favorite past times was going to Petsmart and barking at the birds. There are so many wonderful memories of Dixie to share and think of that we know she will live forever in our thoughts and hearts.
Dixie remained a great companion to the end. She was a RESCUE dog. She rescued us from sorrow, pain, and loneliness after Stella’s death. We cannot believe Dixie was with us only two years and almost seven months because she gave us a lifetime of love and memories. She will be with us always.
We want everyone at ATRA to know that we appreciate letting us experience this truly wonderful girl. Through this loving experience with Dixie, we are better people. Dixie your Dads love you.
Terry Ray
Morrison Henry
Cincinnati, Ohio