Update on the Missouri Dirty Dozen

Davey and his new Labrador brother, Max

Guiness, formerly Major, with his new family

Kelsey, formerly Zoe, with her new mom & dad


Pixie & Dixie

by Terry Kratchman

When I was a little girl of about seven or so, I spent a lot of time with my older brother. We lived in an area where there was a lot of room to roam, explore, and enjoy the hot days of summer with little restrictions besides being home before the street lights came on. One day, after hours of playing in and around a creek we discovered an old apple tree. The trees weren't large but it was cool under the leaves and the fruit was red, ripe, and free. We commenced climbing so we could reach the higher branches and get the most prime pickings. I made my selection carefully based upon size and color.

Our mother always told us not to eat fruit straight from the tree because it wasn't clean. We didn't really care about cleanliness but dutifully spit on our apples then rubbed them on our shirts until they gleamed. I opened my mouth wide, took a huge bite and out popped a worm! I flung the apple to the ground, dramatically gagged for quite some time and swore I'd never eat another apple as long as I lived.

Some time after Mom made dessert that had baked in her oven and filled the house with the aroma of my favorite thing in the whole world - cinnamon. It was warm with a delightful, crumbly, golden topping and smelled as good as a candy store. I delved in hoping to be the first one done so I was assured seconds. I didn't realize I was eating apple crisp. I'd been tricked. APPLES!

You can clearly see with a little sugar, cinnamon, and a wink of an eye I was eased and teased in to realizing not all things are as bad as they seem the first time around.

This story brings takes me to the Missouri Dozen. Twelve, forlorn, mistreated Airedales taken from a puppy mill on September 11, 2009. They were born in a place where life was pure misery. They were neglected, abused, and ignored. But, with lots of sugar, a healthy sprinkling of cinnamon, and the warmth of loving hearts, they are learning. Some faster than others, but all are responding to affection and kind words and are beginning to understand not all humans make the entire race rotten.

Pixie, Dixie, Gloria, Freeman, Davey, Major, Summer, Kelsey, Sunshine, and Hope have all found wonderful forever homes. Harmony and Melanie are still waiting for the right person to make apple crisp for them. They are all healthy, content, and wide eyed with the new wonders in their world.