Dudley Needs Your Help

Normal Hips
Dudley's Hips

Meet Dudley

Looks like any other fun and friendly Airedale, and he is both. What you don't see is that he's spent almost his entire life in intense pain. He may even think it's normal. It isn't. And with your generous help, we can help him become pain free.

Dudley’s hips were evaluated by a specialist in 2009 and was diagnosed with Severe Hip Dysplasia.  The X-ray findings were "sublocation osteroarthitis/degenerative joint disease and shallow acetabula" all that to say his hips were a mess!

He has grown up taking the chronic pain for granted and has learned to live with it. Dogs suffering such pain do not usually exhibit acute signs of pain. Sometimes, they will suddenly and abnormally sit down when walking, or refuse to walk or climb objects which they usually would, but this can equally be a symptom of many other things, including a thorn in the paw, or a temporary muscle pain. So pain recognition is less common a means of detection than the visible gait and other abnormalities described above. Then in late 2013, he came to ATRA.

The X-rays on the left tell Dudley's story. The bottom image shows his hips, while the one in the middle shows normal ones. On the middle image, the green areas show how the head of the leg should fit into the hip socket (called the acetabula above). Compare this to the green area for Dudley, on the bottom image. You don't need to be a doctor to see the problem. With your help, we will be doing reconstructive surgery on both of Dudley's hips to provide him with pain-free lifelong mobility.

Please help us help Dudley. Click here if you would like to make a donation to help with his surgery and put "Dudley" in the Customer notes on the last page.