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Age:1 year, 2 months


Weight:70 pounds


Contact:Paula Lackner, 715-584-5961


Hero was with a family who did not understand his antics and used physical force to correct it, which did not work. Hero is a typical Airedale, full of himself and life. He is a nosy, naughty, curious, goofy, defiant, happy go lucky, gangly, handsome, scared, terror, counter surfer, sloppy drinker, treat motivated, and food inhaler to name just a few adjectives. He is learning how to play correctly by his foster brother Axel. We are working on the potty training. He is crate trained and loves his frozen peanut butter kongs when he is in a crate. Everything is his and we are working on that too. As you can see, a typical Airedale who will need an Airedale experienced home, fenced yard and an adult home to teach him manners. His new home will need to commit to long term obedience training. If there is another dog in the home, he or she needs to be young, playful and tolerant. Young children would not do well with Hero but dog experienced teenagers would be OK According to Hero, cats do not belong in his world.

Updated 8 May 2014