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Age:2 years, 8 months


Weight:66 pounds


Pete came into ATRA’s care from rural Appalachia, where he spent his formative years chained to a dog house; he’s good-natured but can be quite obstinate when he takes the notion. Pete has successfully completed heartworm treatment and is brushing up on his manners with a trainer; he has a very strong personality and would do best in an Airedale-experienced home where it is clear that his human family members are the Alphas in the pack. He is very food-motivated and has a tendency to counter-surf if there is food around. Pete would be a good ‘only dog’, or he may be okay in a home with a mellow female of comparable size. He rides well in a car, and is good on-leash. He does have a comical side and will “bite” the air if you crack the car window for him. Pete would also benefit from a home including physically active adults who could exercise with him.

Mary Huntsman 606-679-7351 or Priscilla Lundblad 303-910-1404,