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Age:1 year, 1 month


Weight:55 pounds


Contact:Ann Osburn, 618 466 3909

Whew, it has been a roller coaster of a ride the last few months.  I am strong now and adjusting to my "tripod" life.  I am completely potty trained   I am learning the ropes from my foster sister and well some of the things she teaches me get us both into trouble at times.  I love to go for walks with my foster mom and I can keep up with my four legged foster sister with no problem.  I am always on the lookout for squirrels, rabbits, and anything that moves, but I am not a high energy dog, and love to nap. I think it is fun to follow my foster mom all around the house to see what she is doing.

  Sometimes, I stumble and fall over, but I get right back up and go about my business. I have a long tail that helps me keep my balance.  I love to go for a ride in the car, but I need help getting in and out of the car as I don’t jump up and down very much.  I like all dogs both big and small.  Me and my foster four legged foster sister share everything and no one gets upset over toys or bones as we have a toy box full of choices.  I love to play tug of war with my foster sister and when I get tired I like to bite her necklace and the tags on it to slow her down so I can keep up. 

I just celebrated my first birthday and even had a birthday cake to boot. I had my first day at the spa and I could get used to this type of treatment.  I got my first big boy bath and haircut and it felt good to lose some of my thick coat.  I didn’t even mind my paws being touched or my ears cleaned.  I am all boy!  I love it when my foster mom and sister wear dresses or skirts; I think it is fun to stick my big wet nose and snoot up those dresses or skirts!

  I like to counter surf when no one is home, I decided it was more fun to roam the house with my four legged foster sister then to be in a crate, so I let myself out.  After my second escape they secured my crate with 2 carabineers and I just can’t escape anymore.  I am a little on the thin side.  The vet told my foster parents the best thing they could do for me was to monitor my food intake and not let me get overweight. I am at a good weight for my new body.  Please contact Ann if you think you might have the perfect home for me.