Muffy and Sneakers

written by Connie Versagi

Retirement.  Most of us look forward to it with a smile.  Our time to do as we please, kick back and enjoy.  Why not, you’ve paid your dues.  You did as you were told, did your job, took care of your family, and now a soft place on the couch looks real good.

Oh, sorry, I was not speaking of humans, but a sweet couple of Airedales, Muffy and Sneakers.  They had big plans for a great senior life.  But then things changed.

Muffy is 9.  She is proud to tell you that she has Champion bloodlines.  She has kept herself in shape at a svelte 60 pounds.  Housebroken, crate trained, loves kids, dogs and even cats.  Quite the feat for an Airedale.  Obviously a fine lady.

Sneakers is 8.  He too has been heard to boast a little about his Champion bloodlines.  He has been to obedience school, is crate trained, housebroken, and also loves kids, dogs and cats.  Has shared his life with Muffy and enjoyed it.

Well, the first four or five years were a dream come true.  Then, Muffy and Sneakers lost the woman who owned them and loved them to cancer.  The man of the house kept them, and they stayed together.  Then his situation changed too.  New family members were not dog people.  Muffy and Sneakers found themselves suddenly living outside.  It wouldn’t do to have those paw prints in the house.

Not only were they lonely, being bitten by flies, and not understanding why they were being punished when they could think of no transgression they had committed to deserve being ostracized from their family, but Sneakers had an even bigger problem.  He is very afraid of thunderstorms and now he found himself not just anxious watching from inside the house, but outside with the fury of it crashing around him.

During a recent storm he became so frightened that he tore up the back door of the house trying to find human comfort.  This was not the retirement he and Muffy had envisioned.  They were miserable.  Now what?

ATRA stepped in and offered to find a better situation for these two.  They needed to be kenneled at first, and were put together, but they did not do well there.  Neglected vaccinations were updated and they both have been deemed healthy of body.  However, so confused and scared that they were not eating.  ATRA volunteers have made temporary room for these two in their homes, but sadly they are not together now.

This is a call to all Aire-Angels.  These two loyal and loving companions deserve forever homes that will appreciate a dog that knows the ropes, will settle into a happy  retirement.  A spot on the couch, a loving pat on the head, a great friend to curl up to watch a movie with.  Of course, keeping them together would be ATRA’s wish for these two.  We know that is a tall order.  If you can provide a home for one of both of these two, we need to hear from you.  We’re looking for someone with a golden heart, to provide two wonderful dogs the golden years they deserve.


Thank you to all who donated and inquired about Muffy & Sneakers.  They have been adopted, and best of all, they were able to stay together.  The outpouring of concern for these two was wonderful.

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