written by Mary Alberts Gade

When Jim Alberts heard of an Airedale in need at the local Animal Control facility, he immediately drove to the shelter and brought home an elderly, sick Airedale whose chances of being adopted were nil and chances of being put down were great. This girl, soon named Ginny, stunk to high heaven and had not been groomed for months or maybe even years.  She had obviously been living on her own for a long, long time. She had 3 inch dreadlocks and it was hard to distinguish the front of her body from the back. Her tail was down and she looked like she was ready to give up on life and ever having someone to love her.

Jim and his wife Julie worked all afternoon on getting her trimmed down enough to bring her in the house and bath her.  That was about all she was able to handle her first day in rescue.  After her bath, she immediately crawled to a couch, stretched out and looked with grateful eyes to Jim and Julie as if to say, "Thank you."

The next day Ginny was taken to Jim’s trusted veterinarian, Dr. Mike. It was discovered she had very nasty respiratory infection. She had copious amounts of discharge coming from her nose for over two weeks, to the point that Jim and Julie had to cover their upholstered furniture. After a period of trying several antibiotics, the third one finally worked. Ginny started to respond and get better.  Three months later, it was determined Ginny was healthy enough to undergo surgery for the removal of three mammary tumors.  By now, Ginny was learning to play with Libby and Lucy, the Alberts' resident Airedales, learning to use a doggie door, and showing that wonderful Airedale zest for life!

Thanks to ATRA's wonderful rescue program, this sweet senior Airedale girl received the care she needed to thrive again.  She was adopted by a family in Minnesota and is living in the lap of luxury, experiencing tender loving care and a new life.

Her vet bills amounted to almost $1,400. You may ask, "Is it worth it?" You bet it is! And we can do it because we have the greatest volunteers and benefactors who donate both their time and money to make it possible.  ATRA and Airedale Rescue is the best in this country.

Why am I telling this story? My name is Mary Gade.  I was the Iowa ATRA coordinator for several years before moving to Colorado.  Who is Jim Alberts?  He is my son and he makes me proud…. proud to be associated with ATRA and Airedale Rescue…. and proud that my son is following in his mothers footsteps.

This is the story of a senior Airedale and a second generation ATRA Airedale volunteer. The acorn didn't fall far from the tree with this one.


Good news!  Ginny has been adopted!

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