written by Connie Versagi

Good care and love.  That is all a wonderful Rescue girl named Diamond really needed.

Diamond was surrendered by her family who was moving away.  They didn’t seem to notice that she was underweight, had infected gums, and quite frankly, was smelly.  No way at all for sweet-natured 7 year old girl to be living.  She deserved much better. 

ATRA took Diamond to a vet to be checked over, where she received a proper grooming.  A lovely Airedale emerged from under that raggedy coat.  This girl truly had the perfect name.  She had been a Diamond, in the rough, waiting to be discovered. 

The ATRA volunteer who picked her up from the family noticed one eye was glazed over and bulging.  Diamond then was taken to an ophthalmologist, to have that eye evaluated.  The first diagnosis was glaucoma.  Upon further examination the real culprit was discovered.  A tumor had grown behind her eye.  The doctor said that the good news was this tumor was contained and easily removable.  To do this, Diamond’s eye would have to be removed and a prosthetic would take its place to fill the socket.  Her eyelid would be permanently sewn shut.  Diamond will always seem as though she is giving you a knowing wink.  Additional x-rays were done, to be assured that this cancer had not spread and this truly would be the very best option for Diamond.  It was determined it definitely was the best course of action.  ATRA has taken care of everything necessary to get Diamond on the road to recovery, with a bright future.

I do believe we know exactly what her knowing wink is telling us now.  That the phone call her family made to ATRA was the very best thing that happened to her.  Her life has been saved.  She is now blossoming under the care of a wonderful ATRA foster home and is truly beginning to shine like the gem she is so aptly named after.  A  thank you wink?  Maybe if you look close enough, a little nod?  Thanks from Diamond to ATRA and the ATRA financial supporters that make saves like this possible. 

If you can help with Diamond’s expenses for her surgery, please make a donation, tell us it is for Diamond.  She sends you a wink.


Diamond had found her forever home!  Thanks for all your support.

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