Tyler (formerly Rudy) was placed with us in September, then in November Tyler graduated from his Advanced Beginner obedience class. It was a fun six weeks where Tyler showed off being an Airedale by preferring to only go through a particular practice once or twice perfectly before becoming quite stubborn and at times refusing to do it again! But we mixed things up for him and tried to keep it interesting. It was really great practice for me. Eric and I liked the obedience so much with Tyler that we are taking another class this month.  

We got this picture after Tyler took his first trip to the groomers! Based on a recommendation we ended up finding a great groomer who definitely did Tyler justice. This is his cool new do. The funniest part is that he was so proud of his good looks that when he came home he strutted around the whole house! We have lots of other pictures where he is acting less serious, but this clearly shows his pride after his visit to the groomer.

It has been fun to reread everything we read about Airedales prior to getting Tyler, as everything rings so true! We keep very clean counter tops, covered waste paper baskets, and yes Tyler did tear apart a full box of tissues! But we are learning how to be Airedale owners and loving it!

We can not thank ATRA enough for helping us be matched with Tyler. He is such a joy and a great dog. Eric is so happy with his first dog and is a great dog owner! Please let us know if there is ever anything we can do to help ATRA.

Thanks again! 
Amalia Beer


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