Cinnamon Chisnell

It gives us great pleasure to share the wonderful experience we had with adopting our Airedale through ATRA.

We proudly boast of our newest addition to the Chisnell family.  Her name is Cinnamon. She is a two year young Airedale that we adopted from a foster family outside Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Although we had schnauzers as pets for years, I had always been struck by the awesome beauty of the Airedale Terrier.  I stayed up late one night surfing the web looking for any information I could find on Airedales when I found the ATRA web page. We filled out the necessary paperwork, had a home visit by ATRA representatives and then received a call from Barb Oimas that there was a dog that may just be a 'good fit' for us.

A meeting was arranged with the foster family to spend a few hours visiting and getting to know Cinnamon. She was a tall girl but very friendly and made up quickly with both my husband and me.  On Sunday, November 5th her foster parents, Melinda and Steve Richardson delivered Cinnamon to us. It only took a few days for Cinnamon to settle in and probably realize that this was where she belonged.  Her foster parents have kept in contact with us these during our adjustment period and continue to be a great source of encouragement by offering 'hands on' Airedale advice.

Cinnamon loves to run outside in our yard and play ball. She is very good with our small grandchildren and she is taking both of us to obedience classes so we can learn how to take care of her and keep her safe. She has only counter surfed once; the day after Thanksgiving when Tom left four dinner rolls on the edge of the counter and of course, she found it too tempting. Since then, we leave a small (empty) water sprayer on the counter and if she looks too interested in something, we just show her the bottle.  (I'm also still training my husband on 'kitchen cleanup'.)

We can't begin to thank enough all those involved with the ATRA program and especially Barb Olmas, Melinda and Steve Richardson. These are wonderful people who love the breed and truly want what's best for both the rescued Airedales and the first time adopting families. If you want an Airedale and have the love and devotion to make a difference for a pet that someone else has abandoned, then I strongly suggest you talk to the ATRA coordinator in your area. This organization works diligently with families willing to make a commitment, to place dogs that need a second chance.

Thanks, ATRA!
Carolyn, Tom and Cinnamon Chisnell


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