Gold Star Program

ATRA recognizes the fact that our senior Airedales and special needs Airedales are not as easy to place as the young, healthy ones.  These special Airedales deserve a loving home just as much as their younger counterparts, but are often up on the Web site for long periods of time waiting to find that home.  To let an adopter know how much we appreciate their adoption of a senior or special needs Airedale, ATRA is offering the option of making a smaller adoption donation for our Gold Star Airedales.  Here is how this works.

The Program

Any approved home who adopts a Gold Star Airedale will be offered the option of making a smaller adoption donation. Normally we ask that an adopter consider between $400 and $800 for an adoption donation. With the Gold Star Program an adopter can consider an adoption donation of $150 to $300, or maybe less in special cases. The amount of the donation can be discussed with the coordinator responsible for the Gold Star Airedale. 

Eligible Airedales

Our Airedales eligible for the Gold Star Program will have a gold star on their photo.  These would include:

         Any Airedale 9 years old or older.
         Any Airedale with special medical needs.
         Any Airedale who has been on the Web site for longer than 8 months.

Take a moment to look at our Gold Star Airedales and consider making one of them your next best friend.  Thank you!

Updated 23 Jan 2014