written by Connie Versagi

This sweet little 2 year old girl was found one morning at a shelter drop site, at a county road department garage.  The county shelter was called and they immediately took her to the shelter.  They could tell right away that she was an Airedale and promptly contacted a local ATRA coordinator about her.  As soon as the coordinator arrived she could tell that poor Sandy had a serious physical problem.   She had a rear hind leg that she could not bend.  There was never a moment’s hesitation that ATRA would take her no matter what the problem was. 

Sandy was taken directly to a vet  for x-rays, vaccinations and diagnosis.  In addition discovering that Sandy had an ear infection, what the vet saw on the x-ray made him gasp.  Sandy had an upper rear leg bone that looked like a “C” shape.  It was obvious that the leg had been badly broken and the vet guessed it was at least a year earlier.  With no vet care at the time of injury the leg eventually healed itself, but with a noticeable curve.  As a result the lower rear leg fused with the upper leaving her with no knee joint at all and the leg about an inch shorter than the others.  Sandy did not appear to be in any pain and it seems she is able to put weight on it and also use the leg for balance.  She seemed to have full motion of it at the hip as well.  She also appeared to have learned how to get along quite well on it and was even able to run.  After seeing her walk, the vet agreed that even though Sandy walked a little awkwardly it would in fact be best to leave the leg alone.  Another vet overhearing the discussion came in and took one look at the x-ray and shook her head saying “Oh my God, the poor little girl”. 

Sandy is one of the sweetest little Airedales at 47 pounds that you have ever seen.  She loves to give plenty of kisses and wants to be wherever her human caretakers are.  Not a peep has been heard from her yet, even with 3 loud Airedales in the house.  She has figured out how to get up on the couch and her foster parents don’t have the heart to make her stay down.  She is a picky eater and has shown tendency to want to be the alpha dog.  She would do best in a home as an only dog or with a very submissive male.  It is recommended that she be given a daily does of Glucosamine indefinitely, to help prevent possible joint degeneration cause by the strain her hips and other rear leg are under due to her condition.  

If  you think you might be Sandy’s new forever home, please contact Bob Seis at, or if you can help financially making these amazing rescues happen, please donate to ATRA.

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