written by Connie Versagi, November 2007

As you read this description, in your head start hearing the theme music from Mission Impossible.  Okay, got it playing?  Here we go with the story of Tucker.

His mission:  To run for his life.  He accepted the challenge.  Somehow, some way, he would find a way to escape the unspeakable pain.  He broke the line that was tethering him to a hellish existence, broke it and ran.

There he was running down a rural road, didn’t know where he was headed other than away.  He drug his line behind him, and around his neck was a black leather, studded collar with a heavy padlock attached to it.  His frail body had been shackled, but they could not hold down his Airedale spirit.  He was running for his life.

When a young college student found him, she knew right away he was escaping, he was in trouble and she wanted to help him.  Already he had found someone in this world that would not turn their back on him.  The mission was set in motion.

By coincidence this kind stranger called a vet’s office in tears, asking what to do with this poor boy, that happened to be a favorite ATRA vet.  They told her they knew some nice folks that would help him.  They would get someone to come get him.

As soon as he was picked up, he seemed so grateful.  Just the sweetest temperament.  The ATRA volunteer immediately noticed a couple of things.  A lot of the hair on his back and legs was missing.  The skin that was showing was dark and flaky.  One eye was running and the hair all matted around it.  When she reached down for his face, he lifted his head and showed her the horror of the life he had escaped.  All of his teeth between his canines, top and bottom, were gone.  One canine was broken.  He was very, very thin. 

As our volunteer folded him under her AireAngel wing, she named him Tucker – tucked safely with us.  The escape was in full gear now.  He had made it to safety. 

It was found that Tucker had one inverted eyelid, causing the irritation and tearing.  That was corrected for him. We’re not sure how much, if any, damage was done to his eyesight from the irritation.  Blood tests found him to be hypo-thyroid and meds were started right away to solve that problem.  He has all of his molars and three of his canines.  The broken one was removed.  He is estimated to be only 2 or 3 years old.

Other than a soft diet and some inexpensive meds for his thyroid, what this boy needs now is a loving family to offer him a warm place to lay his head and forget.  He shows no interest in other dogs – he loves people deeply and wants very much to be with a loving forever human companion.  Right now Tucker is in a kennel at the vet’s office, as there are no foster homes available. 

I’m calling out to all of you who are already looking forward to a nice, warm meal with family on Thanksgiving in a couple weeks to help this boy.  Give from your heart to help ATRA with his medical bills, and I just know that someone out there has room for one more family member at this year’s Thanksgiving.  I guarantee this will be the most appreciative family member at the feast.  This one won’t let you get up at the crack of dawn to stuff the turkey alone.  When it’s time to do clean up, when the rest of the guests are sprawled on the couch for football, you won’t have clean up duty by yourself.  Best of all, after the guests are gone and leftovers put in the frig, Tucker will curl up with you and show you how much he is going to fall head over heels for you and his second chance.  This is not a Mission Impossible.  I know that someone will make it a family Thanksgiving for Tucker, not one spent at the kennel. 


Tucker has found his new home!  Here is a note from his mom.

Thank you so very much for letting Tucker come home with me!  I'm so excited for Wednesday to finally get here.  Tucker has been given a second chance so his full name will now be  " Tucker Two Lasey "... I'm all his!!!   Oh Chris,  this little guy is so loving he's just precious.  Sandy feels like the luckiest girl in the whole wide world.  Yep, that last line is pretty corny but that's just how I feel.  Many thanks for all you do to save a precious life.  I have so many things in my life to be thankful for but this Thanksgiving will really be a special one to remember.  I know that my little "Tucks" will be right in the kitchen with me early Turkey morning.  I will send pictures of his first Turkey Day with all of his little girl cousins and extended family. 
Heartfelt Thanks...Sandy

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