Rosie Pope 1994 - 2008

Rosie and Armstrong Pope

We wish to inform you of Rosie's passing. We had her put down this past Saturday. We acquired her nine years ago. Carol Domeracki and Linda Dziedzic met us in Jackson and we brought her home with another Airedale named Dane. About three or four years ago she acquired some sort of immune deficiency problem. Dr Todd Green of OSU Veterinary prescribed azothioprene among several other meds. He didn't expect her to live very long and is amazed that she made it through three or four more years. She set a record for the disease and Dr Green has written at least one paper on the subject. Actually she was around 14 years old which is somewhat near the normal longevity for Airedales. Rosie was a tough old girl and a loving companion. She is greatly missed. Rosie had a good full life and was greatly loved.
We are pretty certain we will be looking for another Airedale in mid-July. This could be sooner if Charlie shows signs of missing Rosie too much. We think a two year old female would be the best choice for Charlie. Charlie has started obedience classes and has six more weeks to go. We would like for him to finish the classes before or around the time of acquiring another Airedale.
Charlie continues to impress us. He is doing very well with the obedience classes. He is an extremely affectionate dog. He makes a great companion. He goes in the crate with no hesitation when we leave. He has not had an accident in the house for quite some time even in the face of Rosie having accidents when she lost control of her bowels.
We wish to especially thank Carol and Linda for setting us up with such a great Airedale. To the left is a photo of both Rosie and Armstrong. Rosie is to the left. Rosie passed on 6/14/08. She was somewhere near 14 years old and just wore out. Rosie had a good full life. Armstrong passed on 4/18/07. He had acquired cancer. Armstrong's passing was and still is very hard to take. He was such a great Airedale. I have never seen a creature that loved life more than him. I weep as I remember Armstrong still today.
Please keep up the great work you have all been doing.
Dennis and Kay Pope