Texas - August 2008

Alma tries to convince Paddy to go for a dip

Alma & John meet a Budweiser Clydesdale

Alma rides shotgun on the Budweiser wagon

The Dolphins at Sea World all come up for a look at Alma

Alma rides a Longhorn at the Wild Animal Farm

Alma, Paddy, Rosie, Rex, & Sniffers get a treat from Pat

Exhausted by all of her summer adventures, Alma came to Texas for some good
old R&R. She alternated lazy days by the pool with her new Dale buddies Rex,
Rosie (rescued sparedale) and Paddy (rescued sparedale) and her new Kerry
buddy Sniffers, with old west adventures. While in San Antonio, Alma visited
the Alamo, dined on the river walk and spent a day at the buckhorn Saloon.
Her visit to Sea World saw her hobnobbing with the Clydesdales at the
Budweiser pavilion and climbing on up to the driver's seat of the famous
wagon. She made the acquaintance of the eels at the aquarium, the dolphins
and walrus at Sea World and the Texas Longhorns at the wildlife park. She
braved the bucking bronco and the bear exhibits at the Buckhorn and hid in
the cactus when Dolly was coming. (We kept her safe and dry.) On lazy days,
she had her own personal pool raft and rested at night on the pillow of her
pal Rex. Kevin, John, Patricia, Pat, Rex, Rosie, Paddy, Sniffers and Dingo
all had lots of fun with Alma and enjoyed referring people to her website
and sharing stories about ATRA with people who asked about her. We will miss
her. (Especially Sniffers who kept trying to play with her!) To remind Alma
her of her fun in Texas, we added a silver charm of Texas to her collar. We
hope she always remembers her friends near the Alamo!