Bear and Darby Bryant

Bear - AKA

Smile for the camera

Time for a snooze

Darby - AKA

We love to play!


This is Bear.  I was so glad to hear that you received the donation from Darby and myself.  It was re-assuring to know that "dad" was not "skimming" off the top of our Frosty Paws and treat fund for anything other than what we told him (Um, this is Chip, Bear and I will have a talk later!).  I am fortunate that I have not had an extremely tragic past.  My worst time was when my original "father" died in a house file and I was young and all alone.  It was a scary time but then you guys (ATRA) hooked me up with my new "dad".  I was a little nervous at first, but after the second day, I knew that I would be able to play him like a fiddle .... and I did!  The rest is history.  I don't think that I could have it any better unless "dad" quit work to spend all his time with ME ... I mean us!  However, I would not want that to stand in the way of my Frosty Paws and other treats so I let him continue to work, for now.  Every Airedale, in fact, every dog and even cat, should know the good life like I have which is why I wanted to help out with my donation.  That is also why when I heard Beth talking to my "dad" about a poor girl that had a ruff life, that I was the first to say, "let's get her"!  It has worked out perfect except I did not fully think through the part where now I only have one TV dinner container to clean up rather than two and only get half of what "dad" is snacking on.  Oh well, it was still worth the sacrifice.  Well, Darby is grabbing at the scruff of my neck which means she has heard enough so I will close and let her have her say!  Take care and have a great day,


Darby here.  I was getting sick of listening to the "baby" talk so I decided to cut him off before you were bored to tears!  I got into this family none to late.  Bear has been so "molly coddled" that sometimes I have to just walk away but I think I can save him.  It's true that I had a miserable eight years of life, until now.  I was just nothing more than a money maker for the people that had me, keeping me pregnant, with no place soft to stay, turned out loose all day and hosed off every night; summer and winter like a car.  I had never even been to the doctor (vet) until you guys saved me. I could not nurse my last litter of babies and they wanted me gone.  I never knew there was anything else that I could expect from life until Beth from ATRA saved me.  Yes, I was a street wise, tough gal but after all, that is all I ever knew about life.  I did not know there was the other end of the spectrum.  There was no place for me to go so I had to stay at the vet's office in a cage which was not fun but still better than what I had before.  Well, Beth told this guy about my sad past and all of a sudden, I have a whole new life and a "dad" for the first time in my life!  I am here to tell you that you can teach an old 'Dale new tricks!  When I first arrived, I could see that someone needed to "take charge" so I immediately took over ... (Chip here, that is a true statement!  I guess it's the female in her!). .... Anyway, before I was so rudely interrupted, things could not be better.  At first, I would lay at the kitchen door and guard it from Bear and make him go around and not get close to where I knew the food was stored.  However, it wasn't long before I realized that there was plenty of food for me and I was not going to be hungry so it is no longer a big deal.  I would also have to break it up when Bear was getting loved by "dad" as I wanted it all for myself as I never had it before.  I found that I was overreacting on this as well since he has more than enough loving to go around for all of us so I don't break things up anymore.  I was a quick learner when it came to furniture and was shown that I could get on it.  Now, I only use the floor to get from one sofa to another one.  The floor is only good for walking and to use when eating treats and Frosty Paws!  I don't know where he got the name but my "dad" and his friends all call me the "bobble head" girl.  I guess that is because when I am happy, I get so excited that I bobble my head all around.  For the first time, my whole life is now exciting whether it's just my "dad" talking to me, or getting ready to go on a walk, or outside for "do do" or a treat or just about anything!  I'm still trying to toughen up the "baby, Bear" but I don't know if it's going to be possible.  Whenever we are playing around, there is only one of us that ever screams, whines, or cries and it sure ain't me!!  Oh well, at least he let's me run the show and that is the main thing.  This is why I was in full agreement with Bear that we donate a portion of our treat fund because every Airedale has the right to live the kind of life that we do and only have happy, fun filled days.  Well, I do believe that the secretary's fingers are getting tired so I will close this out.  I have helped pick out some nice pictures of Bear and myself for your viewing pleasure.  Thanks again for you and all of ATRA in getting me in my "forever" home and have a great day,



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