Jim and Winston Zimmerman

Jim was diagnosed with a brain tumor in January of 2005 and had a long hard road for almost 3 years until we lost him.  He was not able to return home until the end of the year at Christmas 2005 and then it was only overnight weekend visits from Saturday afternoon until Sunday night.  This went on until Jim had a major setback in October 2006 at which time those visits stopped. 

He always wanted an Airedale and finally we had the opportunity in June of 2003 when we got Winston. Winston make him so happy!  Jim finally got the Airedale he always wanted.  Jim never rebounded from the setback and tried fighting hard, but his body wore out and we lost him on October 2, 2007.

Winston had many medical issues of his own when we got him, but we saw him through them with the help of his vet and his soft palate surgeon specialist and a LOT of love and care from his family (Jim, me and our 3 kids)!  While his throat was healing, Winston had a feeding tube and we had to feed him through it for 3 months by hand 4 times a day with special food through a syringe. 

When Jim had his major setback in October of 2006, Winston must have sensed it from the hospital smell on me and Jim not coming for visits any more.  Winston got sad and laid around and cried. He missed Jim!  Winston loved and got used to Jim's visits home, too!  Thirteen days after Jim's setback, Winston had a heart attack at the age of 3 1/2 years old.  Winston loved car rides, walks, treats, toys of any kind and playing with our other dog, a black Lab.  They were buddies and played all the time together.  Winston liked to try to fit on the window seat so he could see out the window.  When we left the house, we could see his face in the window watching us go like we forgot him.  Winston had his favorite spot in the car - the middle of the front seat!  That made it pretty cramped if two people were in the front already...but that was his spot.

They both hold a piece of our hearts and also have a special place in our hearts!  We miss them both soooo much!  They are now together in heaven again.  Winston waited for Jim and they walked over the rainbow bridge together.

Judy Zimmerman and kids, Jamie, Jodi and Justin

These two photos were taken on their last visit home together.