Farewell, Sweet Beemer

January 21, 2009

February 25, 2009

April 13, 2009

April 13, 2009

JUNE 4, 2009

With chocolate in his tummy and my tears on his face, Beemer was carried on the wings of an angel to all who've passed before him. They were all there to welcome him as he crossed the bridge on healthy legs, a perfectly beautiful coat, without pain. He will never be alone or afraid and will be there to welcome all who follow his flight to freedom and peace.  He is home forever. 
Beemer originally came in to Illinois and was under the care of Beth Hauck. He had suffered most of his life from allergies causing him extreme discomfort, itching, and pain. Beth and Beemer's foster mom devoted countless hours seeking appropriate treatments, thrice weekly medicated baths, and plenty of attention and affection, ultimately seeing his coat grow back. What a wonderful feeling that must have been. After three months Beemer was moved to Kansas to see a dermatologist and find the source of his allergies. (It was, among other things, most trees and cats. He'd previously lived with a cat friend.)
The day of his transport his foster mom and Beth noticed that he was limping. It was assumed that he had stepped on something but the next morning he was limping so badly his dermatology appointment had to be cancelled so his limp could be addressed. It was discovered one of his knees had a previous ACL tear and the limp was from the other knee that had suddenly torn. Surgery was the only option with expectations of a complete recovery.
Initially, things progressed as expected with Beem attempting to "help" when taken out with a sling to potty. After about three weeks there was a noticeable change in Beemer's demeanor and desire to move. His orthopedic surgeon took x-rays only to discover the plate in his right knee was dislodged and the bone was broken in two places. His doctor felt sure he could re-do the surgery and that the bone would mend with plenty of physical and aqua therapy. By this time Beemer had grown very weary and was in pain because of the broken bones and not having completely healed from the first procedure. He no longer wanted to assist when taken out to potty. He didn't show any enthusiasm for treats and had no spark in his sad eyes. The surgery was scheduled.
In the meantime, his dermatologist had been monitoring a large, bulbous wart type mass on Beemer’s chest and noticed a change in its appearance and did a biopsy. Sadly, what was discovered was Mast Cell Sarcoma. This could have happened from years of steroid use, exposure to the sun on a hairless body, or any number of things. We will never know. 
This young boy made a gallant effort and did the best he knew how to manage a lifetime of maladies. He was handsome and sweet and charmed everyone. He fought until his poor body and soul could take no more.
Sincere, heartfelt thanks to all who shared their thoughts, prayer, time, and money to help Beemer. Your kindness and generosity has been overwhelming and you were there when he needed you most. 
Terry Kratchman
Kansas/Western Missouri Coordinator
Airedale Terrier Rescue and Adoption (ATRA)
Home: 913-393-3431
Cell: 913-709-5410


JANUARY 21, 2009
ATRA first became aware of Beemer last October.  Back then he already had terrible allergy problems, but his owners said he was much improved with a change in diet.  When our ATRA volunteer picked him up in mid-January Beemer’s condition had drastically changed.  He had lost all his hair from his shoulders all the way back.  He had lost a dangerous amount of weight which has caused his skin to become loose and wrinkled.  His unhealthy weight caused his backbone to stick up prominently.  Poor Beemer had a severe ear infection and open sores.  He is so uncomfortable in his own skin he was always trying to scratch himself.  ATRA’s volunteer said Beemer is a tall boy and when he is healthy he would probably weigh close to 90 pounds.
ATRA immediately ordered testing to be done to determine if Beemer has mange and/or allergies.
After a week under a veterinary’s supervision Beemer is doing better.  Unfortunately, as of this writing, no fungal test results are back but the mange results came back negative.  Beemer is receiving antibiotics and oral anti-fungals, along with medicated baths every three days.  His diet is slowly being transitioned with hopes it will stop his itching.
He’ll soon be going to a dermatologist to help him continue his path to health and happiness, and best of all, a new loving home.

UPDATE February 25, 2009
Just look at him now! Beemer is doing well, but really needs to gain some weight. He is still getting anti fungal and antibiotic medications, but he is almost done with those. He also has
been getting an anti fungal bath every 3 days; but that is now changing to once per week. He is on ZD food and loves it. Beemer can have NOTHING other than ZD food and ZD treats. We know this has worked very well for him this last month. Beemer's fur is growing back nicely; his skin has lost that greasy feel and the odor. He is ready to go into either a foster home or an adoptive home. I hope to move him to a foster home this week.  Beemer is getting a trim tomorrow which will make him look more in proportion. He can't get a real groom job since he is still missing hair, but the trim will be a great improvement.

Beemer is a darling boy who is looking for love in his forever home. Let me
know if you have one for him.

UPDATE April 13, 2009
Well, Beemer is ready now for his forever home and we need to find just the right one for him. He has truly come into his own, hair is back and he is a beauty. Beemer has gained his weight and has filled out nicely. He is about 85 pounds now and will probably level off between 85 and 95. He is a very tall boy, well behaved, had lived with cats in his previous life and young children (8 and 11). While he would love to live with children (and probably another dog and/or cat); I am afraid that he will need to be an only dog and with no young children because his diet needs to be very controlled.

 Beemer is on Prescription Diet ZD dry dog food and an occasional hypo-allergenic treat. He can not have anything else to eat. Of course, this food is not cheap, about $80 for a large bag. Also, the new family will need to visit their vet (or a dermatologist) on a regular basis to maintain his good skin condition. He has had to go back on medication for a short period of time once he went to a foster home and was exposed to the “real” world. 

But I guarantee you that Beemer is worth it all! He is a sweet, lovable very good natured boy, who has had a rough start to life and he deserve to be in a great home with a fenced yard and a loving family.

Please let me know if you have any approved applicants that may work for this guy. Thanks.

Beth Hauck
ATRA Coordinator
So. IL/St. Louis
618 566-2828 h
618 304-5090 c
618 566-2820 f


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