Rosie Howe

Katherine Howe and Miss Rosie, the best dog ever.

by Priscilla Lundblad

Rosie was found abandoned and taken to an animal shelter in Crawford.There was concern by the ATRA volunteer who picked her up from the shelter because Rosie showed extreme dominance and possible aggressiveness toward other dogs.  This was contrary to her behavior with people.  Everyone who met her from the shelter...the boarding facility...the the volunteers who helped her along the way all raved about her. With the help of volunteers, Rosie was transported to the Colorado Dog Academy for evalutation.  Although they didn't have a chance to do a complete evaluation on her (she was adopted so quickly), they fell in love with her, too!  The groomer there was ready to adopt her if the Howes didn't! 
It was at about the time Rosie was rescued that ATRA in Colorado received an application from David and Salle Howes.  They had always had Scotties and sadly had just lost their last one to illness.  They were considering a larger breed, perhaps an Airedale, for their next dog. They were told about Rosie and after seeing a photo of her, David was hooked.  He wanted to meet her!  Salle was not quite as certain as her husband that they were ready for a new dog so soon.  Well, Rosie took good care of that!  When they were introduced along with their daughter to Rosie, she gave Salle the most kisses and stayed by her side for much of the time.  Leave it to the intuition of an Airedale!
The Howes had planned on meeting five rescued Scotty dogs after they met Rosie but that never happened as they all agreed that they wanted to take her home. Any apprehension they might have had about Rosie getting along with a relative's Standard Poodle who is often at their home were allayed most quickly.  David reported a day or so later that when the two dogs met it went so well that it was as if Rosie and the Standard Poodle were newlyweds! 
The Howes couldn't be happier than they are with Rosie. And as one can see from the photo, Rosie looks like she is really enjoying life with them. Because of Rosie, their daughter Katherine is considering adopting an Airedale of her own next summer.  Another happy ending for one of our rescued Dales!   



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