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Menu and description of the wines available

Cabernet Sauvignon Chardonnay Merlot
Rich and ripe, this organic cabernet features ripe berry aromas and an intensely fruity character. Smooth and well structured, it has soft velvety tannins on the finish. Well paired with lasagna, beef or spicy foods. Lovely straw yellow hues are laced with beautiful golden and greenish reflections this unoaked chardonnay shows lively flavors and aromas of apricots, apples and tropical fruits. Crisp, medium bodied and well balanced; it pairs well with salads, pasta, fish, seafood and chicken. This estate grown, organic, handcrafted merlot shows a deep red color with aromas of black pepper and ripe red fruit. Soft and well balanced this merlot displays all the characteristics of the varietal. The velvety and spicy finish matches perfectly with turkey, grilled meats, pasta and pizza.
Pinot Noir Sauvignon Blanc Sparkling White Wine
An elegant red organic wine displaying the typical varietal aromas of Pinot Noir with layers of ripe red fruit flavors. It’s soft and fresh on the palate with a long lingering finish; delicious when served with roast chicken or seafood. A crisp, mouth – watering organic Sauvignon Blanc with refreshing tropical and citrus fruit flavors and a clean well- balanced finish. Delicious when served as an aperitif or with creamy pasta or grilled fish. A delightfully refreshing sparkler! Crisp and clean with fine bubbles, lovely pale yellow color with aromas and flavors of pears and citrus.