Available Airedales

We know everyone wants to look at all the cute, fuzzy faces up for adoption, but if you are serious   about adopting, please take a moment to read about the adoption process and fill out an application.


Many wonderful Airedales are currently homeless.  New Airedales come into Rescue every day.  All Airedales currently in need of homes may not be pictured here.

Mixed Dales

We occasionally get requests from groups or individuals to help them advertise Airedales or mixed ‘Dales on a private basis. As a service, we provide space to help these parties find homes for their dogs. ATRA has not evaluated these dogs so we cannot tell you anything about them and assume no responsibility for their placement and adoptions. MIXED DALES

Foster Homes Needed

If you are available to foster short term, please let us know.  We have no shelter while we wait for adoptive homes!  Many times we have Airedales sitting in kennels until a foster home opens up. FOSTER FOR ATRA

Be sure to check out the Airedales on the front page that are looking for foster home.  They may not be listed below because they are not ready for adoption yet.